Gengar Glowing Crystal Pokeball

Gengar Glowing Crystal Pokeball

Gengar Glowing Crystal Pokeball

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You can't put a price on good times. Remember that first time you watched Pokémon? Get ready to re-live those epic moments with our Pokéballs !

Start The Hunt TODAY! Gather your childhood favorites to create an amazing sight.
Inside each of these stunning Crystal Engraved Pokéballs is a laser etched miniature Pokémon character.

Each of the collectible monsters is precision-etched and looks as real as they do in actual animation. The main difference here is that in order for these to come alive you have to flick the LED light on. After that, you’ll see exactly what we mean.
The LED light is bright enough to make these glowing crystal balls a great night light, and also reminds you that there's your own Pokémon guarding the house!

At least that's what 10,000 Happy Customers Think!
What makes them even more interesting and exciting is that they will inspire imagination. Having a Pokémon of yours was never possible, we made it possible. So many ways you'll be able to enjoy these stunning globes of light and etched Pokemons for years to come, not to mention it's a great conversation starter. All you have to do is select your set and plug ‘em in as soon as you
Catch ’Em All!

Do they change colors?

YES, they do.

Ball, Base & Remote
: Flexibility at it’s finest! This base allows the choice of switching between several colors and lighting modes including brightness controls and light effects all powered through the click of a remote.

Ball and Base: Set and Forget! This base automatically flows through several colors on its own and leaves a cool light effect on the ceiling.

Please visit this link for more information on the variants.

What kind of battery does it take?

Pokéball Remote Base- Battery version: AAA - Batteries needed: 3x

Pokéball LED Base - Battery version: LR44 - Batteries needed: 3x

Pokéchain - Battery version: SR621SW - Batteries needed: 1x

How big are they?

The Pokéball is 50mm in diameter, and Pokéchain is 30mm in diameter.

How is it made?

The Process starts by sourcing only the best k9 crystal for our Pokéballs, this means no stains or bubbles on the inside. Next, guided by fine machinery and expert glass workers, The raw k9 crystal is cut to shape and hand shaved to the perfection.

Using only the latest laser technology, the crystal balls are struck with laser beams to create a pattern guided by our 3D modellers who spend many hours carefully drawing each Character. The Engraving perfectly encapsulates every detail of your favourite character in such a way that light will be captured in the form of the character instead of passing on through the K9 Crystal.

It is then sanded by hand to form a smooth 50mm sphere and is finished off with a hand painted black ring, signature to the pokeball build. You will find that the K9 Crystal gives the ball a neat weight, shine and aesthetic quality that you just can’t get from standard glass products.

Twist the Pokéball around to reveal every angle of the character appear before your eyes in 3D!

Can you do different Pokémon?

YES, we can make custom Pokéballs for you!

Please click here.

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