Variant Information

No Base: This includes the crystal Pokeball itself without any sort of base, you can use any other LED bases of choice if you prefer another. The Pokémon will still be seen without the need of led lights, it’s always glowing with natural light. Each Pokeball is constructed using a high-grade k9 crystal also known as Optical borosilicate crown glass. The same material used in high-end home decor. The crystal is carved to be perfectly circular and has an 50mm diameter.

Ball and Base: This variant includes the crystal Pokeball with an included LED light base that flows through several colors on its own. This base is powered with AA batteries.

Ball, Base & Remote: This variant Includes the crystal ball and a base that allows the choice of switching between colors. This variant, unlike any other, supports a variety of color options you are able to switch between with a click. The remote can individually switch the color that is displayed offering several different colors and lighting modes. You also have options for increasing and decreasing the brightness of the lighting.